Cassiopeia's BitMail

- Secure decentral P2P Email


Download BitMail

  • Secure P2P Email from Friend to Friend without relying on a central server.
  • Key- / Repleo-Exchange.
  • Full decentral Email-Network using the Echo Protocol.
  • Store Email for Offline-Friends in the P2P Network.
  • Chat and Instant Messaging is build in. Define & Add your friends.
  • Strong e2e Multi-Encryption (PGP-kind/AES over SSL: using libgcrypt).
  • Libspoton Integration.
  • Additional Security Layer with the GB-Feature for Emails.
  • Preventing Data Retention (VDS). WoT-less.
  • HTTP & HTTPS Connections.
  • Open Source. BSD License.

Cassiopeia is the tortoise of Momo, which can communicate through writing on her shell and guides into the future. - Wikipedia.